About Brengare Studio

Brengare Studio is a multi-discipline home art studio in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our focus is on creating handcrafted items of beauty with much of our inspiration derived from the natural world. All our designs begin in a tactile, hands on way - paper cutting - painting - drawing. Many of the resulting pieces are available as one of a kind, original, signed works of art. Brengare Studio products are designed using our original artwork as the starting point and the method of generating our images. 

Lauren Palm




I'm drawn to representing things realistically--stylized but still reflective of their true nature. I prefer drawing from specimens rather than images. I enjoy studying the shapes and textures of plants individually and as a group. I use my garden as daily inspiration surrounding myself with the plants and flowers I try to capture on paper. My work is comprised primarily of small paintings in gouache and organic, patterned paper cuts. Patterns and densely covered surfaces are reflective of my education in textile design. I find that training translates well into the connected pieces of paper-cut designs. My affinity for the medium of cut paper began as a sample I created for an art lesson, and has grown and continued my love affair with the use of negative space. Something magical happens to paper when the spaces around and between objects are removed. The openings that are created, often one minuscule sliver at a time, change the paper into something different. The paper is transformed from an item of substantial structure to something of delicate beauty. As the cutting and removing of paper continues, an image emerges from the solid sheet of paper in a manner akin to a sculptor freeing their subject from a block of marble. There is an improbability in the resulting form which never ceases to inspire awe in me. 


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