"I will be faithful with an everlasting love"

My curious mind wanders as I work on my art. Frequently as I'm working, one thought leads to another in an endless spiral interrupted only by internet searches, blade changes, and numerous Wikipedia articles on subjects ranging from South American cities to butterfly migration. One such tangent had me searching (and then researching) Victorian floriography. Popular in the 1800's, floriography linked flowers with specific meanings. The Victorians would use the meanings of the flowers selected to encrypt messages in their bouquets--they used the flowers to express their true feelings when words lacked propriety. My surprise was at the developed nature of the language with scads of books written on the topic. I started reading and taking notes on my favorites. The phrases I jotted down on the irregular scraps of paper at my desk read like poetry:

Forget me not,
Lily of the valley,
I will be faithful
with an everlasting love;
I will never forget
how you have made my life complete.

Inspired by the sweet sentiment of the words, I cut my love letter into paper and turned it into a card. The small 4 bar size (3.5" x 4.875" when folded), is perfect for expressing deep thoughts of gratitude and admiration to those you love.  Below is a link that will allow you to print the card at home--think of it as my valentine to you!

 Printable card

Instructions for use:

Print the PDF file on any type of standard 8.5" x 11" paper--I'd recommend using something heavier like card stock.

Trim the cards to just inside the grey guidelines for the correct size--scissors work but a blade/straight edge or paper cutter is always best.

Fold the cards--matching the corners and edges as you crease.

Pen a note to your valentine(s).

If you do--I'd love to hear about it! #brengarestudio

Artwork Details:
Original drawing of ferns, violets, yarrow, forget me nots, lily of the valley, and columbine cut by hand from a single sheet of #80 winter white paper.
Artwork size: 5 x 7 inches

For your reading pleasure, some of my newly discovered favorites on the subject of floriography:

Language of flowers Kate Greenaway

Flora's Lexicon Catharine Waterman

The Language of flowers Miss Ildrewe

My soon to be acquired floral dictionary will be at the ready--from now on my preferred method of communication is the complex sincerity of flowers.

Much love,



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Phyllis Healy

Enjoyed so much reading everything from your website. Will go back to it time and time again. Love you.

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